Meet your Butcher – Jason Barnett

A product of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason began his career in a small local butcher shop at the age of 14.  Learning to be a Master Butcher has to be a passion, because Jason started this journey by cleaning up the floors, saws, cutting tables and the display cabinets.  There is a lot of grunt work in the beginning.

Grunt work soon turned into learning to sharpen the tools of the trade.  Knives are essential and a dull knife is not going to cut cleanly.  Jason learned how to put a razors edge on the blades and how to make his first cuts.

Jason spent the better part of his 20’s as an apprentice gaining the skills to become the Master Butcher that would be culmination of his years of training.  He opened Mountain Meat Company in 1997, which operated successfully until a major life change forced Jason to shift his focus.  Jason later opened Barnett Meats and Deli which is now Barnett Meats.

Jason has been a student of the culinary arts most of his life and it has been a wonderful journey filled with amazing people and delicious dishes from around the globe.  His goal is to share with all of you some of the amazing recipes and products that he has found in his travels and believes them to be some of the best around.